Sims 4 CC Stranger Things Eleven's Mall Outfit

I just finished S3 of Stranger Things yesterday. To commemorate the moment, I whipped up the romper that El is seen wearing in her mall scene montage with Max. I spent a few hours on this just to make sure it was perfect(well, as perfect as could be!).  

I am just using the romper mesh from Cats & Dogs for this, so you will need that for my version to show up in game. 

I also had fun setting up El's "photoshoot" for the outfit. Yep, she even has her ice cream cone from Scoops Ahoy. XD

What's wrong El? Do you sense the Mind Flayer nearby?

Oops, nope. Just brain freeze! :P

(No Adfly! Straight to Mediafire!)

Enjoy & thanks for downloading! :)


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  2. Hey there! So, do you plan on making this into a series? It would be totally awesome if you did. I know that El's Aztec outfit and her Sauna Test outfit would be very popular!

  3. Yeah can you make over Stranger Things cc please???

  4. can u put a mesh cuz i dont have cats and dogs


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